Are Yoga Studios Liable for Client Injury?

21 Oct 2022

Are Yoga Studios Liable for Client Injury?

Yet, despite the peaceful and gentle nature of yoga, injuries do happen.

How to Keep Your Fitness Clients Safe

30 Sep 2022

How to Keep Your Fitness Clients Safe

Here are 4 tips on how to ensure your fitness clients’ safety at all times…

5 Lessons Learned

17 Sep 2022

5 Lessons Learned When Starting A Fitness Business

Here are 5 lessons learned by the best personal trainers in the business when starting their fitness businesses.

New Client Fitness Evaluation

07 Sep 2022

New Client Fitness Evaluation

A fitness evaluation must take place before an exercise routine is created and should include…

Common Allegation

02 Sep 2022

A Common Allegation Against Personal Trainers

A common allegation against personal trainers and gyms is…

Accidents Happen

27 Aug 2022

Accidents Happen

What happens when your clients’ form is perfect yet an injury happens?

Whether the injury seems minor or major, you could be liable.

Ideal Client

19 Aug 2022

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Once you have successfully identified your ideal client and established your personal training business, the next step is to protect yourself.

Woman stretching

15 Aug 2022

Why Is It Important to Ease into an Exercise Progr...

Regular exercise is good for the body. However, like any physical activity, rushing into it and training too hard or fast can cause injury. 3.7 million Americans were injured in 2019 due to sports and other recreational activities. About 468,000 of these injuries happened during exercise.

Personal Trainers Do Get Sued!

13 Aug 2022

Personal Trainers Do Get Sued!

The fact is that no matter how skilled you are at your job, accidents happen and clients do get injured.