Fitness Training Seniors

Fitness Training Seniors

Is your senior fitness client list growing?

Here are some safety tips for fitness training senior clients:

  1. Always start with a comprehensive assessment including health and injury history, physical activity history & assessment as well as client goals.
  2. Remember, ‘slow and steady’ wins the race, so praise small achievements, which will grow over time.
  3. Include ‘balance warm-ups’ ‘ for strengthening your client’s core and confidence.
  4. Along with balance, focusing on flexibility with simple stretching exercises is a top priority for seniors.
  5. Do frequent mini-assessments and modify exercises to ensure your clients can still perform them without exacerbating any current health issues they may have.

Remember, no matter how skilled you are at your job, accidents happen and clients do get injured.

Learn what some of the best personal trainers in the business have to say about protecting yourself as your business grows.

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