9 Things To Do If You Get Sued

Each year thousands of personal trainers get sued. Settlements can range from a few hundred thousand dollars into the millions of dollars (Vaid v Equinox). In addition to lawsuits against personal trainers based on negligence, there may be other legal theories under which to pursue against a personal trainer.

For example, a personal trainer can be sued as a result of false advertising, or failing to deliver the information or results promised (Buckfire Law). Also, in many cases of personal trainer injuries, the client experiences a worsening of an existing injury or condition as a result of the personal trainer’s negligence.

As a personal trainer a lawsuit could be brought against you at any time, so we’ve put together a free informative guide to help you prepare for if you are ever sued. It’s called, 9 Things To Do If You Get Sued. Every personal trainer should have this. Download your free copy now.

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